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Woman sentenced after twice urinating on War Memorial

Kelly Martin, a 42 year old mother-of-five, was sentenced to 7 mos behind bars for her recent conduct involving a War Memorial. On April 13,...

New 12 Gauge Ammo Leaves Baseball Size Holes

  As if a 12 gauge slug had to be more menacing—these mean-looking new projectile ammo from OATH Ammunition are designed to provide a massive...

Top 5 Murica! Media Shots, Oozing with American Patriotism

#5 One Order of Bacon, Coming Right Up. This recipe calls for an M16,  100 rounds of ammo, and a strip of uncooked American free...

Forrest Gump Is All Grown Up

  How well do you know your 90s movie trivia?  Here is an easy two part question.  What movie featured the line, “Stupid is, as...

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Slivur bulit sooprise

This was the second comic I made and I feel like it accurately depicts this election year. So I think it's a good time...

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