Run Forest Run


How well do you know your 90s movie trivia?  Here is an easy two part question.  What movie featured the line, “Stupid is, as stupid does”?  Which actor first muttered this classic witticism?  One of Mommas many memorable sayings, was from the 1994 film Forrest Gump.  The actor first delivering it, was of course, Michael Conner Humphreys.


That’s right.

Tom Hanks may have been the first to compare the randomness of existence to a box of Russel Stovers, yet it was Humphreys, now 29, introducing the second most memorable adage from the 6 time Academy Award winning film.

Hasn’t changed a bit

Just like the character he portrayed as an eight year old child actor, Humphreys served four years in the U.S. Army as an infantry soldier, including an 18 month tour in Iraq.  “Gump” (go figure), as he was nicknamed, says that meeting the Marines during filming inspired him to enlist.

Where we were filming was very close to Parris Island, the Marine Training Camp in South Carolina, where all of the helicopters used in the Vietnam scene came from. I would often tell the director and producers how cool I thought all the helicopters were.  One weekend they actually arranged for some of the Marine Corps to take me over to Parris Island and show me the fighter jets.

I can honestly say that experience directly motivated me to join the military later. It was definitely one of the little perks of working on the movie.

Other than a small part as a soldier in the Indie film “Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers”, Humphreys has left Hollywood behind.  He is currently enrolled at the University of North Alabama, studying international relations.

International relations may have been something the child star was destined for.  You see, although he didn’t attend the Oscars some 20+ years ago due to a lack of funds (huh?), Humphries did attend the BAFTAs (British Oscars) and actually took home the award at both Japan and Germanys Academy Award equivalent.


They're going to love me overseas Jenny.
They’re going to love me overseas Jenny.

I guess “Dum mist wer dummes tut” resonated a bit more in Deutschland….just like peas and carrots.