Pure penetration


As if a 12 gauge slug had to be more menacing—these mean-looking new projectile ammo from OATH Ammunition are designed to provide a massive amount of expansion, 2.5 inches in diameter to be exact.

The art of ammo

The expanding slugs are held together with a copper or aluminum expander die that you can see in the middle, which promises to expand reliably.

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The reloadable case shells will be available in standard 2 3/4- and short 2-inch lengths.  Most of its energy is expended on the initial target.

Both of the projectiles are designed with power in mind and OATH states that the slugs can be used for both self-defense and stopping large, dangerous game.

Home defense? Heck, any defense.

 These will stop any intruder you come in contact with, but they have a kick.  See the video below.

“Just don’t fire them from lightweight single shot or side-by-side shotguns—your shoulder won’t like it! In a gas operated autoloader or a defensive pump with a full-length tube, recoil is far more reasonable.”