This was the second comic I made and I feel like it accurately depicts this election year. So I think it’s a good time for us to discuss politics and how it affects Untied Status Marin Crops. I’m not here to endorse either candidate or to delve into my personal political affiliations but rather talk about how I use politics on my page to create content.

Political topics, especially this time of year, are a hot commodity on social media. Unlike my fellow comic artists who choose to be apolitical I like to exploit these events for the greater good of making people laugh. Throughout the course of the last year I’ve taken shots at politicians, senior military officials and political correctness as a whole. I’ve had comics mocking anyone from Barack Obama to Ray Mabus to Donald Trump. The most relentless target, however, has been Hillary Rodham Clinton. Why? Because she’s an easy meme.

The military, my target audience, has been a majority conservative Republican/Libertarian base. There’s a lot of hate for both of the major political candidates on either side but when running a comic strip – like running a business – you have to know your customers and what they like. You can call it pandering to the masses, but it would only be pandering if I didn’t genuinely enjoy the content I made and only produced content for the sake of likes and shares. I’m a man of satire; something very few people tend to understand sometimes. I’ll create comics scorning conservatives or lampooning liberals. It doesn’t really matter to me because I can enjoy it either way. To me, it’s what sells the best to my intended audience. More often than not that’s shitting on the Democrats.

The great thing about this election cycle is that even some liberal Democrats hate Clinton and some conservative Republicans hate Trump. This makes creating content even more valuable because the levels of hate and discontent for either side is the highest it’s ever been in recent history (if not all of history). I like to take a step back and give people a cheap laugh or two at the plight of our country.

I think it’s still too early to see whoever is going to win but I have some great ideas cooking in my head for either result. And who, might you ask, am I voting for? The motherfucking silver bullet. Make America hydrate again.